99 Amazing Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is an important part of running a successful Parent Group.  The challenge that many face is getting parents, kids and families involved.  It is up to you and your board to find new and engaging ways to raise funds by engaging the community.  There are many different types of fundraisers. This list can simply provide ideas as a starting point, or perhaps spark a new idea of your own. The fundraisers below are divided by category/type of fundraiser. Get creative . . . if you do it right, you will spread good will, have fun and raise the money you need to carry out your organizations goals!


Categories include:

Category 1 – Provide a Service

Category 2 – A-Thons

Category 3 – Events

Category 4 – Raffles

Category 5 – Games/Contests

Category 6 – Grams

Category 7 – Sales (student made/collected)

Category 8 – Sales (products)

Category 10 – Sponsorships/Donations


Category 1 – Provide a Service:

  1. Dog Wash – At your school or Local Park, have a dog wash. If held at a park, make sure to call the city first and find out what types of soap will not kill the grass. See if you can get a pet store to donate the soap. Advertise well!
  2. Holiday Carolers – Pay to have your school choir come and sing to students or teachers during class. You can sing Love songs on Valentines Day!
  3. A.Y. (Rent a Youth) Day – Have parents or staff members pay to have a group of students come and help with yard work, painting, cleaning, or any other jobs need. Works well on teacher inservice/work days too!
  4. Car Wash with Presale Tickets – Have groups of students volunteer to wash teachers and student cars after school. Sell tickets ahead of time for an upcoming carwash for $5 each . . . it’s good publicity for your car wash and it’s a great way to get a lot of people involved!
  5. School Carnival – Have a school carnival and have people pay for tickets to play the games and eat. This fundraiser can bring in a lot of money, but takes a lot of planning. Ask your parent group to get involved or all of your school clubs.
  6. Recycling Program – A recycling program for collecting used printer cartridges costs nothing to put together. The supplier covers all collection boxes and shipping needs. Cell phones, soup labels, etc. can also be collected. For more information, check out fundingfactory.com.
  7. Bag groceries: Ask a local grocery store if you can bag people’s groceries for donations. Be certain to put up a sign saying what the money supports.
  8. Yard Cleanup – A yard cleanup fundraiser is extremely fast and easy to put together. Simply create a set of instructions for your group detailing what to offer, what to say, and how much to charge. Fall time or spring is best! Around graduation time is good too for all the graduation parties.
  9. Student Film Festival – Have students make and submit films, charge for admission and concession.
  10. Coffee Delivery – Work with your local coffee shop on a deal, take orders, get money, then get the coffee and deliver it to teachers. Split the costs with the coffee shop.
  11. Gift Wrap – Around the holidays have people bringing their presents and give a donation for gift wrapping services.
  12. Kiddie Camp – The day after Thanksgiving or the week before Christmas, choose a day and offer daycare for kids ages kindergarten and up so parents can go shopping with out their kiddies! You can offer 9am-noon, or noon-3pm slots. Have music, coloring pages, games, etc available and lots of helpers! Charge $5 per child with donations accepted. _
  13. Can and Bottle Recycling – Set up a weekend where students and parents collect recyclable cans and bottles from their neighborhood. Meet at a local recycling station (at a grocery store or other designated place for your area) and collect money from deposits collected.
  14. Christmas Tree Pick Up – Advertise about a week before Christmas that your group will pick up Christmas trees on a certain date to take to the local biomass recycling plant for a donation. Leave a small, plastic, zip lock baggie (with a rubber band attached) with your note about for pick up along with your phone number. Trees can be left in front of houses with donation baggie rubber banded to tree – ask people to phone in ahead of time and keep a list of locations for pick up.



Category 2 – A-Thons (you can plug in just about an activity or sport here):


  1. Baseball Marathon– Get friends and family to sponsor you and give your school money if you can stay awake and play baseball for 24 hours. You can also charge admission to watch the game. Works well with dancing, running, video games, etc.
  2. Pitch-a-thon: Rent a radar gun and measure how fast people can throw a baseball or kick a soccer ball. Charge $1 per try and give a prize to the fastest individual.
  3. Walk-a-Thon – Have students get friends and family to pledge money for every mile they run or walk.
  4. Math-a-Thon – Have students get friends and family to pledge money for every math problem solved. Set a certain amount of time and let kids go for it! This can be done with any academic area.
  5. Trike-A-Thon -The kids will love this great fundraising event! Young children get donation per lap that they will ride on their tricycles on a given day or flat donations. Hold this event on a Saturday or Sunday so the parents can come cheer the kids on! Works well with scooters or roller skates too.
  6. Hoop-a-Thon – This competition can be based upon individual shooting efforts or by organizing teams. If using the team approach, have teams of four or five, and give each team three ten-minute rounds to sink as many free throws as they can. Sponsors can pledge a small amount per free throw and per three point shot, or they can make a flat donation. Have pledge forms handy for late arriving supporters who are interested in donating.
  7. Cleanup Fundraiser – Organize a community cleanup project. Pledges are tied to a specific attainment goal such as the number of pounds of trash collected or the number of road miles cleaned of debris. You’ll need to create a one-page overview of your cleanup program and a pledge signup sheet. It works best if your overview specifies a suggested range for donations, say anywhere from a penny to a dime a pound for a large project.


Category 3 – Events:

  1. Middle School Hat Day – Charge a Buck to wear a hat to school, stand at the doors, and collect the money – host one a month.
  2. Talent Show – Show off your schools amazing talents to the community with a school talent show, you can charge for admission.
  3. Giant Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament – $1 entry, everyone matches up, the best two out of three win, then the winners match up and play again, keep going until a low number of participants are reached, then have a $5 buy in to get back into the game – the final winner get’s half the profits or a prize.
  4. Bake Sale – In the spring everyone loves baked goods! Have a students bring baked goods to sell.
  5. Ice Cream Social – get donations from the local creamery and hold your own ice cream social. Add simple carnival games and other food for more opportunities to have fun and raise money.
  6. Bowling For Bucks – A bowling fundraiser is another fun way to raise funds. The group event is simple to put together. Simply arrange with a bowling alley to rent a group of lanes, or the entire building, and start soliciting teams. People can get sponsored for pledges per pin or just donations in general. Put a spin on it and make it a costume theme!
  7. Piggy Back Basketball Game – Your class can have a Piggy Back basketball game in your gymnasium.
  8. Dodgeball Tournament – Your class can have a dodgeball tournament game in your gymnasium
  9. Fashion Boutique Fundraising – This is a great fundraising way for people to clean out their closets! Several months prior to this Fashion Boutique sale, collect donated once-used prom gowns, wedding gowns, bridesmaid’s dresses, etc. You could have this at your local school, Church, Recreation Hall! Sell these clothing items at bargain-basement prices for $20 to $50 (most stores charge $100-$1,000!) You’ll raise hundreds of dollars and you’ll get rid of that bright pink bridesmaid dress.
  10. Hand-Me-Down Sale – As kids grow out of their clothes, organize a sale in the gym to sell gently used kids clothes to the next generation.
  11. Polar Bear Plunge – This fundraiser will only work when the weather is cold, so it’s not for every location, but it’s sure to be a chillingly good time. A polar bear plunge means, quite simply, that people don bathing suits in bitingly cold weather and dive into the ocean or an iced-over lake. Sounds like fun, right? Someone thinks so, because polar bear plunges are becoming a popular way to raise money for everything. Each participant should gather sponsors. People don’t mind donating money to a great cause, and when they learn that the person asking for a donation is willing to jump into freezing cold water, they will likely be inspired to dig a little deeper. For more information on this idea, go to fund-raising-ideas-center.com/polar-bear-plunge-charity-event.html.
  12. Senior Date/Athlete/Musician/ Date Auction – Ask Juniors and Seniors to be raffled off for a date.
  13. Bingo Night and Chili Feed – Serve chili and play Bingo!
  14. Hold a Community Barbeque – A barbecue is traditionally a popular fundraiser, especially if it features giveaways and attractive door prizes. Get sponsors to donate a bicycle, pricey bottles of wine, Spanish classes, gift certificates…anything that will make your barbecue sound more attractive. For sizeable cash donations, let sponsors display company banners and provide an ad for inclusion in the event program. Sponsors can also provide the food and beverages, grills and fuel, tables and chairs, tents, etc.
  15. Basketball Tournament – A three-on-three basketball tournament is a great way to raise money. A sponsoring organization provides a double elimination tournament for basketball enthusiasts. You’ll need a few basketballs, tables, portable scoreboards, trophies, and a gym. You may also want to pay for referees, unless you can find some who are willing to support your cause by donating their time or if you want the games to be self-officiating. Your group can earn extra money by setting up a small concession stand and selling snacks and refreshments. Another way to earn money is to print programs with the tournament schedule, photos, player’s names, etc. and sell ad space to local restaurants, and other businesses. You can also charge each team an entry fee for participating ($15 to $30 depending on the interest level).
  16. Flamingo A Yard – You put 20-30 flamingos in someone’s yard overnight, you then accept money from them to go and put them into someone else’s yard. This can work with gnomes, school mascots, forks – just be creative!
  17. Casino Night – Have teachers and parents be the dealers, sell chips at the door, all proceeds raise go to your cause, chips can buy prizes.
  18. Fashion Show Luncheon – Get local stores to donate clothes, get teachers and students to be models, ask a restaurant to donate the lunch and local salons, shops, etc. to give prizes for a silent auction. Sell tickets and put on a show.
  19. Bike Check Station – If you community has a large cycling event (like Cycle Oregon), find an empty building downtown that will let you use for a day or two and offer cyclists the opportunity to check in their bikes while they shop downtown or go out for a meal. Charge $2 per bike but have your donation jar out because many cyclists will tip you!
  20. Middle School Dance – This can make you a lot of money in just a few hours . . . it’s easy to pull off if you have parent and staff help! Invite all the local middle schools. Charge $3 to get in with school ID or $4 without. Run the dance from 5-7pm. Just run a playlist of popular music (make sure that is appropriate – we use all “edited for radio” versions of songs. Make sure to have adults stationed at every door as well as roamers walking around. You can make additional money by providing a concessions stand with pizza, soda, and candy each for $1 (makes it easy when it comes to change!) You can also sell glow bracelets and necklaces for $1-$2 each (check out Windy City Novelties at windycitynovelties.com – they have great prices).
  21. Karaoke Night – Host a Karaoke Night for your next fundraiser. All you need is a karaoke machine (inexpensive models are available and you can also rent them), a hall or gymnasium to host the event, and a passionate crowd of would-be American Idols. Make it even more fun and profitable by asking the audience to donate money to hear the principal sing. The school cheerleaders as a group can draw a huge amount of money. Don’t for get to inspire and reward your performers. Ask local businesses to donate prizes for best performance, funniest performance, and so on. Prizes can range from donated items to local gift certificates. Even simple printed awards for best group performance can be an inspiration.
  22. Rubber Duck Sale – Sell rubber Ducks, number them, get donated prizes, then float the down your local river! Once they cross the line, the Duck wins it’s owner the associated prize!
  23. Pancake Breakfast – For a pancake breakfast, all you need is a large space with kitchen facilities, plenty of batter, and lots of volunteers. Set a price or ask for donations, and make sure to really advertise!
  24. Home Run Ball or Sport Showcase – An event that invites baseball/softball teams (or soccer, basketball, etc) to come in uniform. Included in the admission price is an opportunity to “dunk an ump” (dunk tank), team photos, autographs, a scrimmage, food, and music. This event can be labor intensive, but the pay off can be huge – depending on the amount of entertainment available to the team that will participate. Invite middle and elementary schools to participate.


Category 4 – Raffles:

  1. Raffles – People enjoy getting a chance to win some thing so here are some easy fundraisers. Brainstorm ideas of prizes to boost your fundraising efforts. Your raffle can be an inexpensive ticket for a prize drawing or a $100 ticket for a big prize such as a big screen television or a new car. Ask for donations from your community.
  2. 50/50 Raffle – This fundraising raffle idea is great for events such as intermission at Bingo, sporting events, school functions, arts & craft fairs, during bowling tournaments, etc! The 50/50 raffle is a very simple fundraiser that many choose to use, as it does not require too much work. All you need are a few rolls of raffle tickets and a bin for the money (make sure you have one for the raffle stubs!)
  3. Basket Raffle – This is a perfect fundraiser for the holiday season. Have members donate food items that are for a holiday dinner, into a basket (e.g. a can of corn, instant mashed potato’s, gravy). Try to have a turkey donated by your local food store! Sell raffle tickets (after church, during half time of a school sporting event, etc.) for $1.00 a piece. Place flyers to advertise this fundraiser and to name the date & time the winner will be drawn. Make sure to write name & phone number on the back of each raffle ticket someone purchases so they can be contacted.
  4. Art Raffle – Host an event where local artists donate a sample of their workyou’re your group sells a select number of high-dollar raffle tickets, usually the same number as donated art fundraising items. The tickets are then drawn randomly at a gallery-style event and each ticket holder selects their artwork right off the wall. For more information on how this fundraiser will work, go to fundraiserhelp.com/art-raffle-fundraiser.htm.


Category 5 – Games/Contests:


  1. Monopoly Match: Have a group of students play a Monopoly tournament with the winner receiving a prize.
  2. Guess the age of your teacher: Organize an event in which students pay to guess the age of your teacher. Obtain approval from your teacher first, however.
  3. Balloon Pop: Before filling a balloon with air or helium, put a note inside. Have a certain number of the notes worth a prize. Have people buy balloons and pop them in the hope of getting the prize. Be sure to pick up the broken balloons afterwards.
  4. Penny Drive – Make different boxes or coffee cans with the names of teachers on them. Each penny counts as one point, any other coin counts as negative the value. Or all coins count for the goal (easier to count). By the end of the week, the teacher with the most pennies has to dress-up in the costume of their choice, kiss a pig, etc.
  5. Piñata Contest: Charge a fee to have each blindfolded person have one turn at trying to break a candy-filled piñata.
  6. Beat the Goalie: Pick the best hockey or soccer goalie you know and invite people to try to score a goal for a prize. Every participant has to pay to play
  7. Make A Teacher a Human Sundae – Get teachers who are willing to turn into a giant mess, collect money at lunch, after 1-2 weeks, the teacher with the most money get’s turned into a giant sundae!
  8. Cow Pie Bingo – Rope off a section of grass, borrow a cow, make a grid and have people pay to buy a square. If the cow does its business, they win part of the profits!
  9. Watermelon Eating Contest – A quick and easy fundraiser that doesn’t require a lot of prep time. There is an investment required however: You will need to purchase enough watermelon to satisfy all of the contestants so ask a local grocery store if they want to sponsor the event by donating the watermelons or by providing them at a discount. Each participant and/or spectator will be asked to pay an entry fee. Keep in mind that this isn’t the type of fundraiser that is going to raise thousands of dollars, but it is a good option to raise a few hundred dollars quickly. Once all participants have paid their fee, have them sit at a table with a plate of watermelon in front of them. Have people standing by

ready to refill the plates as needed. Have a set time (3-5 minutes is a good estimate) in which the participants will eat as much watermelon as possible. You will need several judges observing in order to be sure that each participant is eating all of watermelon from their plates and not disposing of it some other way. Once the time is up, you will be ready to declare your winner. To make declaring a winner easier, it’s a good idea to have a set amount of watermelon on each plate. For example, each plate may hold 10 ounces, or any measurement that suits you. That way, the judges will know that the contestant ate, for example, five plates and that five plates equal xx amount of watermelon.

  1. Guessing Game Jar – Let your imagination run wild with this great fundraising idea. This can be done at work or at school and perfect for around the holidays. For instance, in February place a jar filled with candy hearts! People pay a pre-determined amount to guess how many are in the jar! Keep the jar out for 1-2 weeks (you do not want to keep it out too long as people may get bored!), the person who is the closest, gets to take home whatever is in the jar!
  2. Sheriff’s Posse or Jail And Bail Out – You pay at a game, a carnival, a school event to have people “put in jail” – then they have to pay to get out! Have teachers dressed as Sherriff’s.
  3. Photo Scavenger Hunt – Teams of 4 are needed, they pay an entry price and then use clues or a list to have a scavenger hunt all over your community. They must take a photo of their findings. The first three teams to complete win a prize.
  4. Penny War – This is for a high school or middle school. The students set up 5-gallon water jugs in a specific location. Each is labeled with a grade level. The students have a war to see who can raise the most money for charity. The key to this is that pennies and green money (dollars) are counted as positive, while silver change is counted as negative. So the grades have a war by putting pennies and dollars in their own jug and silver change in their opponents jugs.
  5. Save It or Shave It – Students ask teachers to volunteer to shave their head’s and then raise money to either “save it or shave it”, depending on which can has more money directs the teacher on what to do.
  6. Money is accepted at the assembly, which can help lean towards saving it or shaving it. Spelling Bee, Trivial Pursuit, Checkers, Scrabble, Twister: Have participants and spectators pay to participate and the winner receives a prize. You cannot charge admission for Poker Games as that would violate Gambling Policies


Category 6 –  Grams:


  1. Holiday Grams – During holidays such as, Valentines day, St Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and winter holidays, students can pay to send a note, or note & candy to another student.
  2. A Kiss Goodbye – On the last week at the end of the school year, sell slips of paper to students, (.50 cents each), here they can write their “Goodbye” note to friends. Attach carefully to Hershey Kisses and deliver on the last day of school.
  3. Candy Grams – During Parent Conferences, students would sell Candy Grams. A Candy Gram is a message with a Piece of Candy to it. Parents would send someone in the School a message and they would get it in their classroom as a surprise. Friends of any child in the school can also send to another child in the school.
  4. Birthday Wishes – Select one day each month (like the first Friday of the month) and set up an area where students can purchase “Birthday Wishes” (a note and a piece of candy) to have sent to a student who will have a birthday sometime during that month. Deliver all birthday wishes the next . . . once students start to catch on, this can be a great monthly fundraiser!
  5. Crush Soda – In the month of February have students pay $1 to send another student a can of Crush soda. They can also pay $1 to have insurance so they cannot find out who sent it to them. The person receiving the soda can pay a $1 to find out who sent it to them, but if it was insured they can’t find out, and don’t get their dollar back. Call around for the Soda, it can be hard to find!


Category 7 – Sales (student made/collected):


  1. Event Calendars – Have students design a calendar with all your school events like, football games, concerts, and fundraisers on it. Get local businesses as sponsors. Use student photos or artwork in the calendars.
  2. Mega Yard Sale – A big yard sale is another easy fundraiser to pull off. It is short in duration, usually just a Saturday sale with some prep time the night before. Choose a nice high-visibility location like a school or church parking lot. Advertise in the local paper and put up signs for the veterans who troll around on Saturday mornings looking for bargains. Make sure people know you are taking donations of goods to sell a month in advance!
  3. Crafty Fundraiser – Have a table with hand-made crafted items; sell raffle tickets (say, for $5). Everyone is a winner!
  4. Balloon Bouquets – Sell holiday or birthday bouquets with candy to be delivered at school – all you need is helium, balloons and candy.
  5. Gardening Sale – Have a local nursery or flower shop donate plants or give a discount – then part or all of the proceeds go to your organization. This is good to do before Mother’s Day in May.
  6. Hallmark for the Holidays – Around the winter holidays, you should talk to your local Hallmark about getting wholesale on different cards. This makes sense because families are usually scrambling around for cards at the last minute. Advertise through your school, and send order forms home to parents. You could also have your art students design them and sell them.


Category 8 – Sales (products):


  1. Wreath Sales – participate in a fast an easy holiday wreath fundraiser.  You can contact local flower shops or tree farms.
  2. ESPN Magazine Sales – Contact ESPN Fundraising at espnfundraising.com to sell 2-year subscriptions for $40 each – you keep 75% (or $30) for each subscription you sell!
  3. Avon Sales – Find a local Avon sales rep and ask about doing a fundraiser through her/him. We’ve had 50% of the total order given back to the group!
  4. Tupperware Sales – See Avon Sales above . . . also got 50% of the total sales donated back to the group!
  5. Pizza Kit Sales – Contact Little Ceasars Pizza Kit Fundraising program at pizzakit.com to sell great kits that really do taste good! You get $5 profit for each kit that you sell!
  6. Scratch Cards – This one provides tips on raising funds quickly with scratch card fundraising. Youth sports teams love this easy fundraiser because each player can easily raise $100 or more. Scratch off donation amounts are $2.50 or less. Plus, each customer gets a sheet of coupons from national chain that are easily worth $25 or more. That win/win aspect makes this a great fundraiser for both customers and sellers. Contact efundraising.com for more information.
  7. Verseys Flower Bulbs and Seeds – Simple, effective and enjoyable. For every dollar your members sell, your group keeps 50%. The cost of the product, the packaging and the shipping are included in the 50% you pay… not only that, we also provide free planting instructions for each one of your customers as well as delivery bags to make your project run smoothly. The beauty of this program is that just like the bulbs and seeds they plant, your buyers will come back year after year. We guarantee that all product will meet with your satisfaction upon arrival or it will be immediately replaced free of charge. For more information, go to veseys.com/ca/en/about/veseys/fundraising.
  8. Organic Candy Fundraiser – A specific example of an Earth Friendly product sale are the Newman’s Own Organics chocolate bars and chocolate cups offered by CrunchTime Environmental Fundraisers. These delicious 1.2 ounce chocolate bars come in six different, but equally scrumptious flavors. On each $1 candy bar, your group earns a minimum 55% profit margin, compared to the usual 45-50% offered elsewhere. In addition, 35% of the profits generated for CrunchTime by your fundraiser will be used to “adopt” tropical rainforest acreage in your group’s name. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how profitable “doing the right thing” can be with an environmentally friendly candy bar. For more information, go to crunchtime.org/.
  9. Fundraiser Bracelets/Silicon Wristbands – Fundraiser bracelets are hugely popular among young people, particularly the custom silicone bracelets with a trendy slogan impressed in the rubber. Silicon wristbands come in every color under the sun, with bright vibrant colors leading the pack, but black and white are also big hits. With custom silicone bracelets, you can select your phrase, pick a color, and have several hundred available to sell within days. It really is a fantastic way to fundraise, particularly in conjunction with a well publicized event. To compare several fundraising companies, go to fundraiserhelp.com/custom-silicone-bracelets.htm.
  10. Popcorn Fundraisers – Popcorn fundraisers are great moneymakers because sellers are always enthusiastic about a product they like and customers love buying this healthy snack treat for their children. Parents interested in healthier snacks will love the fact that your fundraiser popcorn pops in heart-healthy sunflower oil. Kids will love the choices: Natural Flavor, Butter Flavor, Low Fat Butter Flavor, and the sweet and salty Kettle Corn. Check out this website for a free popcorn fundraising kit – efundraising.com/Popcorn-Fundraisers.
  11. Uncle Jerry’s T’s – A great variety of fundraising products (t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, towels, etc) which include something for everyone. Easy to use, fast, and efficient. For more info, go to unclejerrystees.com.
  12. Smencils – The world’s only gourmet scented pencils made form 100% recycled newspaper and biodegradable plastic. Not only are you raising money, you’re doing something good for the environment at the same time. This is fundraising with a purpose! To learn more, go to smencils.com/fundraising.html.
  13. Spirit Socks – A new and different fundraiser . . . School Colors or Paw Logo Socks will be a hit with your school! Earn a 50% profit, risk free by taking orders with pre-sell brochures! These are the highest quality in footwear by Soft Touch Hosiery and made in the USA. If you are looking for a different fundraiser for your school this year, this is it! Check it out at sockathon.com.
  14. Stuffable Animal Kits – These make the perfect fundraiser as kids love to help with making the animals! Sports teams also love these animals since their shirts can be personalized with a team logo imprint. Or, outfits are available in sports and club themes. Sell at school carnivals, sports games, or other school events. No stuffing machine is required. These animals are made for hand-stuffing by children. The animal skins are of the highest quality plush with secure zipper closures. They are made of all new materials, and meet all safety requirements. You may also add a wishing star, birth certificate, and/or a 10 second sound module. Stuffing bags will stuff one animal. For more info, go to fundraiseralley.com/kuddlems.html.
  15. Calculator And Flash Drive Sales – Why does this fundraiser work? Students need calculators and flash drives. You can “sell something students actually need.” By providing calculators and flash drives, your organization will be helping parents by reducing their shopping list and making sure the student gets the right product. For more information, go to fundraiseralley.com/calculators-forfundraising.html.
  16. Discount Cards – Sell $10 discount cards for special merchant offers, two-for-one pizza, or fast food freebies. You can offer cards with a single discount deal from one company or one that provides a wide selection of offers from selected businesses in your area. These fundraising cards sell very well to the general public and that greatly expands your target market. Profits on a discount card are often 80% and they sell like hotcakes outside of high-traffic retail locations. Check out fundraiserhelp.com/fundraising-discount-cards.htm to learn more about the different kinds of discount card fundraisers that are available.
  17. See’s Candies – Quick, Easy, Profitable and Fun! With See’s as your fundraising solution you earn high profits and save valuable time. Experienced Fundraising Specialists will work with you every step of the way to help you achieve your fundraising goals. Whether you’re a small group or large organization, we are dedicated to making your next fundraiser a great success. Request a fundraising planner today at http://fr.sees.com/index.cfm/Fundraising/Fundraising_Programs.
  18. Cookie Dough – Frozen cookie dough is always a big moneymaker because kids love it and their enthusiasm really helps sell the product! Profit margins are generally above 50% and the average sale is a couple of tubs which means a $20 to $25 sale. With four or five customers, each seller generates an average of $50 in profit for your group. Review information at efundraising.com/Cookie-Dough-Fundraisers to compare some vendors. Cookie Dough in Eugene at emeraldvalleycookiedough.com.
  19. Leave Your Mark Bricks – Bricks with personalized bronze plaque for fund raisings. Pave your way to profits with our high quality, uniquely designed concrete brick/paver which holds a bronze commemorative plaque. Generate needed funds and support by selling sponsorships to your community. To learn more go to leaveyourmark.com.
  20. Snap Capps – As seen on TV, Snap Capps are one of the hottest new items in years. Perfect for fundraisers, with a 60% profit and free shipping. Made in the USA, they come in a variety of colors. To learn more about this, visit com/.
  21. Signature Bears – Quality graduation bears, signature bears or plush soccer balls for students to capture special messages from friends, teachers and family. To learn more about this, visit mysignaturebear.com/Fund_raising.html.
  22. New Growth Trees – Dedicated to providing high-quality, established trees and plants that ensure a positive growing experience. The trees and plants are 8″ to 14″ in height, 2 to 3 years old, and in a container that is approximately 3″ x 5 1/2″ with detailed care and planting instructions. Always environmentally-conscious, New Growth’s packaging materials, containers and wraps and ribbons are recyclable. Your group gets up to 40% the fundraising proceeds! To learn more about this, visit newgrowth.com.
  23. Rose Promotions – Top quality gift boxed roses at very low prices. Many fund raising groups have had phenomenal success selling roses using this fund-raising program! To learn more about this, visit rosepromotions.com.


Category 10 – Sponsorships/Donations:


  1. Hearts for (fill in your cause) – Make hearts that are for sale for $1 that students can buy, decorate (if they choose to), and display in a prominent location (like your school office window or a bulletin board that get lots of traffic) to show their support. (This can also be used as “Hands for _________” with students decorating handprints.)
  2. Sponsorship Letters – Write letters to businesses asking them to sponsor your program/event. Remind them it’s a tax write-off for them and offer a certificate that they can display in their business as well (with a picture if possible!)


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