Autumn Harvest Party Ideas

Its that time of year where the leaves start changing and harvest parties abound.  Are you planning a party for your Class?

Today Is My Favorite: Eatable Fall Party Invitations // DIY: We have great theme ideas to celebrate this wonderful season. If you’re having an autumn kid picnic, fall birthday party or even a fall fun fair at your school or church!


  • Send out pumpkin or leaf pictures with the party information
  • Take a picture of the class with each kid holding a leaf and post it on a Facebook event. Write the rest of your party details on leaf-shaped cut-outs and tie them to the stems of the pumpkins.
  • Package up a small treat – no better way to build anticipation!
  • Another neat idea is to write the party details on packages of pumpkin seeds and mail them to guests.



Using bright and beautiful fall coSchool has started, and I’ve already received the paperwork home asking how I want to be involved in the classroom this coming year. I have always helped with the harvest party, and this year will be no different. Last year I made a DIY photo booth for a harvest party, and it was a great way […]: lors you can create the autumn mood you’re looking for. Begin with orange, yellow, red, and brown balloons and steamers around the room. Set out straw bales flanked by corn stalks, all tied up with large orange and yellow ribbons. Line baskets with colorful napkins and fill them with apples, gourds, and small puPaper Plate Candy Corn Bannermpkins, and arrange them around the party area. Create scarecrows and put them in the class or gym and at the front door to welcome guests.  Other ideas for quick and frugal decorations include;

  • Make a quick photobooth.  Kids love it and it makes for great memories for the parents
  • Use Paper Plates to create fun, colorful banners
  • Use black and purple balloons to make spiders and other scary critters around the room
  • Before the party, you and your students can go on a Fall-Hunt to get items for some finishing touches. Find acorns, pine cones, leaves of all colours and other fall-related items.

Paper Plate Candy Corn Banner by Sophistishe


  • Pumpkin Carving – have an assortment of pumpkins, utensils as well as accessories to decorate and create Jack-O-Lanterns.  Make it into a contest and give out prizes for the funniest, scariest, most creative ect…
  • Purchase small pumpkins and let each guest paint their own pumpkin (or you could use construction paper for younger kids).
  • Scarecrows – Using paper plates to make a scarecrow face. Pre cut construction paper and have the kids glue the pieces on.

Game Ideas:img_7967

  • Corn Husking Contest – Have players race to husk half a dozen ears of corn-blind-folded. (Have this game played first and save yourself some food prep time.)
  • Poke a Pumpkin – put prizes inside orange cups with napkins rubber-banded over the tops. Then hot glued the
    cups to a piece of black foam core. The kids simply  poke their finger through the orange napkin on the cups and pull out either a TRICK or a TREAT. Some of the tricks could include: toothpaste, socks, and fake ketchup & mustard bottles. Some of the treats could include: candy, inflatable Halloween decorations, and Slinky toys.
  • bingoHalloween Bingo! – Follow this link for instructions and other cool ideas
  • Pumpkin Rolling Contest – Divide the children into two teams, have a start line and turnaround line, 20 ft apart. Have the first child in each line roll a pumpkin from the start line to the turnaround line and back to the next person on their team. The first team to complete wins!
  • Bean Bag Toss – Draw a large pumpkin and glue onto cardboard box. Cut out mouth and have children toss beanbags into its mouth.
  • Mystery Bowls – Fill separate bowls with baggies of pudding, cold pasta, and peeled grapes, then cover each bowl with black felt and place bowls on a table. Have kids take turns closing their eyes and sticking their hands into the bowls to feel the different “body parts” in each one. Tip: Take pictures of kids’ expressions as they reach into the bowls; send them as party favors after the night is over!
  • Scents Of the Season – Supplies: Cloves, Cinnamon, Nutmeg
    Mix spoonfuls of these spices together. Pour them into a square of aluminum foil. Add a few drops of water and close leaving a small opening at the top. Place them onto a cookie sheet and into a 275 degree oven. As the water evaporates you will notice the aroma wafting through the house. You can also achieve this activity using a damp paper coffee filter sealed with a twist-tie.
  • Ring The Pumpkin – Line up three large pumpkins with stems, to form a ring toss. Use embroidery hoops or make hoops with rope and duct tape. Mark a throwing line on the floor and take turns trying to ring a pumpkin stem. Use stickers or small prizes for rewards whether they make it or not. Or you can have them try to ring an entire large pumpkin with a hula hoop.
  • Apple Picking – played the same as the Lollipop Picking Game.  Using only red and green suckers and a pegboard. Color the tips of several with red and green. Those who select one of these colored suckers, gets a special prize.
  • Pumpkin Seed Toss – Number and line up 5 small baskets or crates; then have the children stand 3 feet in front of the first crate and toss seeds into the crates in sequence.  Small prizes can be given for each of the crates they get their seeds in.
  • Musical Bales – Play musical chairs with bales of straw instead of chairs. A scarecrow in the center makes a fun decoration for this game.
  • Turkey in the Straw – Fill a small blowup pool with straw and hide a plastic turkey in it.  See who can find it first!
  • Bobbing for Apples – Who doesn’t remember how much fun this was for you as a kid?
  • Bobbing for Donuts – a twist on an old theme and tons of fun to do and watch! Tie a string around several donuts, hang them from a pole and see who can eat the donut first.  No hands!
  • Harvest Races – Play some fall racing games, such as a wheelbarrow, three-legged, or potato sack race.
  • Stuff a Scarecrow – Set out two sets of old clothes and have teams race to build a scarecrow.
  • Fill up the Pumpkin with Popcorn Races – Set a bowl of popcorn several feet away from the pumpkin and give the kids a spoon.  See who can fill their pumpkin up first

Fall Harvest Party Food Ideas:Baggies of Popcorn | 24 DIY Fall Crafts for Kids to Make that you will want to make too!:

  • Pot Luck -Ask the kids to bring a favorite potluck dish.
  • Popcorn – Provide bowls of popcorn or kettle corn, apple chips, candy corn, toasted pumpkin seeds, and mini cinnamon donuts. Try the cute idea pictured here to present popcorn in a fun and festive way!  Get the kids to help assemble!
  • Toasted Pumpkin Seeds – baking clean seeds about 8 minutes, turning once.
  • Fall Fruit – Apples, Raisins, Grapes ect..
  • Pumpkin Pie – Have your family classics and favorites available. Make a spice cake, frost it with a brown-sugar icing, and top with leaf-shaped sprinkles. Pumpkin and Apple Pie as well as Pumpkin Roll are some of my family’s traditional desserts of the season.
  • AppleCandy Dipped Apple Bar: s – Serve caramel apples or hollowed out apples filled with peanut butter, raisins, and chopped nuts.
  • Make a Candy Apple Dipping Bar.  Cut the apples into bite size and let the kids dip their own!
  • Pumpkin Punch – clean out a pumpkin and scrap sides very well. Fill with vanilla ice cream and ginger ale.
  • Hot Apple Cider!


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