Welcome to Parent Place

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The resources that are now available through Parent Place are:

  • Full email communication and management platform
  • A dedicated Facebook group, a Facebook page and a Twitter page for the District’s Parent Place
  • Easy 1 Click message dissemination across all communication platforms
  • Access to other tools like volunteer management
  • An app for your school that you can download from the play stores for either Apple or Android
  • An extremely easy way to sign up for the PTA and PTO newsletters
  • Marketing support to educate parents about the PTO/PTA services


An app built to help you stay in touch with the School Community and not just academics!

Parent Place is more than a smart phone app built for both Apple and Android – it is designed to help both parents and kids organize their school activities and responsibilities in one easy platform. Get quick access
to your school’s academic and sports calendars, social media, alerts and other news from one easy-to-navigate platform. Each app is customized for the specific school district. It emphasizes the community built around the school as much as the school itself with resources ranging from extracurricular calendar notifications, specific schedules and other local resources.imagespng


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