Invest in the Tools That Bring in the $$

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Invest in the Tools That Bring in the $$

Most PTAs/PTOs believe investing in technology is expensive and out of reach. We’re here to tell you that’s simply not true. Investing in fundraising technology is within your reach (& budget), and it can have incredible results for your bottom line.sign me up

In order for parents to rally support for your fundraiser, the method they use needs to be incredibly simple and super fast.

  • Parents do not want to ask anyone face-to-face for money, send their student around the neighborhood, or make annoying phone calls.
  • Many parents shutdown when asked to do these things and will donate/collect very little, if anything.
  • The average parent who collects only cash/checks raises an average of $42.

Parents want to help you … they just need the online tools to do it. The average parent who sends 5-10 emails and posts on Facebook raises $120-200!

Tap Into the Power of Social Media

social media squareThe average parent has 300 Facebook friends. If just 100 of your parents post on Facebook, it can reach 30,000 potential donors! It’s not uncommon for a parent to post to Facebook and raise $300-400 with only two clicks.

Parents will see friends from high school, distant relatives, and co-workers supporting their student with donations all from a simple Facebook post. Our top online student last year raised $3,800 in online donations! You just never know what can happen when you tap into the power of social media!

Our schools keep an average of 95% of total funds raised! Contact us today so we can share with you how our services and pricing works.

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