Why Parent Place?

The Easiest, Most Comprehensive Communication Portal for Parent Teacher Organizations
Parent Place is a full-service organization that supports your organization and has evolved from the needs of numerous school parent teacher organizations. Each component is specifically designed with input from organizations just like yours 

Free Yourself from Paper!
Creating and maintaining your website with the common functions such as a calendar, downloadable documents, contact info and navigation is just the beginning!

One-Click Platform
Manage your parent communication across both email and social media platforms.  With one click, write to your Parent Place Portal, email, Facebook and Twitter.

E-Commerce Features
If your group needs more features like secure access, the ability to accept credit cards, the ability to manage your membership and perhaps an email and text blast feature, Parent Place is perfect for you too.

Efficient – Save Time
Your ParentPlace Portal will significantly reduce the amount of time your board members and volunteers put in to run all of your events. There will no longer be the need to sort, tally and file forms and documents. The website will do all of this for you.


Online Fundraising – Make Money
Even more appealing is the fact that your ParentPlace Portal also contains built-in fundraising and revenue generating features for your group. Best of all, there is not much work for you to do. The only task your group will have to perform is to approve or disapprove of the fundraising offers we send to youVolunteer Sign-ups
School volunteers can sign up to donate time, effort or items directly through the Parentplace One Post Platform. Example for this function include parent/teacher conferences, PTA events, carpools, parties and classroom volunteer work.

Forms & Surveys
Forms can be stored on Parent Place and accessed as needed by parents, PTA members, teachers and administrators. Due date alerts help parents to submit forms on time.

Sales & Donations 
Payments for PTA membership fees, online sales, classes, field trips, fundraisers, donations, and various PTA events can be made directly through ParentPlace. Best of all, credit card is supported and the payment be collected directly to your Paypal account.

parentplaceThe resources that are now available through ParentPlace are:

This easy to use and manage website platform was designed specifically to address the needs of Parent Volunteer Organizations like yours.
 Easy 1 Post Communication Platforms
 Volunteer Management
 Website and Downloadable Directory
 Website Calendar
 Printable Directory
 Upload/Download Documents
 Online Fundraising
 Email & Text Blasts
 Local Advertising / Sponsorship
 Directory Management
 Custom Pages
 Unlimited Email Accounts
 Plus Much More
 Extremely easy sign up for newsletters
 Marketing support
 Free Technical Support

Premium Services include an app built to help PHONEngyou stay in touch with the School Community and not just academics!

Parent Place is more than a smart phone app built for both Apple and Android – it is designed to help both parents and kids organize their school activities and responsibilities in one easy platform. Get quick access to your school’s academic and sports calendars, social media, alerts and other news from one easy-to-navigate platform. Each app is customizedimagespng for the specific Parent Organization.The App emphasizes the community built around the school as much as the school itself with resources ranging from extracurricular calendar notifications, specific schedules and other local resources.

 Smart Phone Directory App
 iPhone & Android Versions
 Call, Text & Email Anyone
 Updatable Directory
 Directory Searches
 Address Maps With Navigation
 Free Directory Upload
 Free Tech Support

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